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Exir World is a well-know company in the market of business platforms. Exir is going to be the best entrepreneur platform in Iran. We hope to commence a great development in this market in order to boost the amount of successful entrepreneur projects. Undoubtedly, it has a meaningful influence on national economic. That’s exactly the required structure to create ideal and low risk opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship.


Our prophecy is to create and present Value-Added services as much as possible and in the best potential quality. These services are providing for Businesses, Brands, Shopping Centers, Entertainment Complexes and Suppliers. Our mission is to provide the required tools, services and infrastructures for SMEs and large Enterprises. Each of these services provides a brilliant solution for Business and contributes them to generate a sustainable growth. These services help SMEs and other businesses to acquire, engage, maintain and retain their customers easily.

About Us

Exir World is an active brand in the market of business and professional platforms. Exir aims to provide world class services and create a value-based linkage between people, businesses and suppliers. This channel is delivering tangible values for all of them and empowers the market condition for economical development.

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