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Project details

  • Identity
  • UX
  • Web Development
  • Back-end

Le Voyagist is a French platform curated by a team of passionate people selecting and describing the most magical places and hotels. An inspiring way to turn your stay into a unique experience.

When we met Serge Roelants, founder of Le Voyagist, he shared with us his idea for a simple project: create longform articles to share the outstanding places he travels to.

We first worked on the identity of Le Voyagist. We wanted to show the “notebook” aspect of his work. Serge is a perfectionist, he really spends time to analyse every detail and nails all the ingredients of the perfect stay. Then we tried to imagine the ideal user experience and how to structure the information on different levels: 1) Collections of hotels based on the same theme, and 2) Hotel reviews, featuring wide pictures and an extendable structure adaptable to the content.

As we would face a serious amount of content, we knew we had to focus on readability from the start — on every device. As the content would be quite long, we wanted to make sure the users would have the most comfortable reading experience possible.

We also provided a custom administration panel for the people in charge of the content which was as intuitive and comfortable to use as the website itself.

Project images

  • Overview of Le Voyagist’s website - Reed
  • Le Voyagist’s brand identity - Reed Le Voyagist’s business card - Reed
  • Overview of Le Voyagist’s mobile website - Reed
  • Le Voyagist’s brand identity - Reed Le Voyagist’s brand identity - Reed