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Acquisition, Activation,

Engagement and Retention

Value creation and delivering is a deep need for businesses and brands. This critical role can be done just by practical services and tools. Businesses services and tools are helping businesses to acquire, engage and retain their customers. These services provide an important opportunity to create stronger relations with customers through offering tangible and sustainable values

Focus on location-based technologies and VASs is an inevitable decision. The value-added services declined the cost of development and provided professional and user friendly ways to manage daily staffs. Exir has a comprehensive program for businesses and knows the importance of this market. Effective and sustainable solutions were the main purpose of EXIR in order to facilitate and accelerate the growth of SME market in Iran. These services are going to answer the needs of Iranian businesses. Exir plan to develop the SME market through providing several convenient services and in the lowest fare. This service bundle is presented to the market as a biz application.

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  • Riftworld Artwork - Reed
  • Riftworld Artwork - Reed