VR Sessions

A new platform dedicated to 360° live music video sessions

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Project details

  • Concept
  • Product Design
  • 360 Video Production
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development

It’s not a videoclip, it’s not a recorded concert, it’s something else.

Live music in virtual reality brings an immersive and intimate experience with the artists. A way to be at the heart of the performance, and share the intimacy. Our initiative is about live music sessions recorded in VR (360°) offering the user a unique and intimate experience with the artists.

VR Sessions takes the user through a never before experienced journey, from an intense and intimate “backstage” perspective. The circular image recording device is made of full HD cameras and the sound’s quality is primal, which is why the sessions are recorded using 3D sound technology. Immersion through image and sound is now made possible thanks to a high technical quality, providing the user with a unique sense of proximity.

Video content is available for free, all year round, on our platforms: Website, Mobile app, Facebook, YouTube and soon on Oculus Store, Valve, and PS4.

Project images

  • Overview of VR Sessions on the web - Reed
  • VR Sessions app for iOS presented in mockups - Reed
  • Overview of the miscellaneous artists and bands on VR Sessions - Reed